Claudia Punter

Claudia Punter

Claudia Punter was born in Rome, Italy, to Swiss parents. She grew up in Switzerland and traveled extensively through Europe and North Africa.

In 1993 she immigrated to Alberta, Canada. Currently Claudia lives and works in Osoyoos, British Columbia.

In 2000 Claudia started with soapstone carving and in 2013 she began with  painting acrylics, soon after adding watercolor to her media.

She has attended many workshops receiving instruction from Robert Bateman, Terry Isaac, Bonny Roberts, Dianne Bersea, Denise Soule, Sue Whittaker, Valerie Rogers, Alex Fong, Paul Butvila, Lian Quan Zhen and others. They have encouraged her to pursue painting and other forms of art, as well as inspiring her work. She is studying art on a daily base.

Nature is the Wisdom of God. Claudia's love for all creatures - for people, animals and plants -  the  beauty of nature with all the colors, sounds, smells, tastes and shapes, is expressed in her art. 


She is a dedicated naturalist and conservationist. Seeing the beauty in nature, appreciate, honor and respect nature, is her passion. Her art is a visual message to a future where people can see and will respect nature.



“I like to understand the animal; what it feels and thinks, what it struggles with and what makes it happy. Every single one is unique and I like to show this individuality in my paintings and sculptures.”


“Each piece of art teaches me, reveals me new ideas of how to approach the next one. It’s a constant, fascinating learning path.

I am a passionate painter and sculptor. With my art works I would like to enrich people’s life, the area they live in, even touch their thinking.”


Currently she is a member of "Artists on Main", a member of the Coop Okanagan Art Gallery, a member of the Osoyoos & District Arts Council, an active juried in member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, FCA and of the South Okanagan-Similkameen Chapter and of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor.

She has a permanent exhibition of paintings and sculptures at the Okanagan Art Gallery in Osoyoos, BC. ( and in the Matheson & Grove Fine Art Gallery in Penticton (

Her work has been in juried and non-juried art shows, galleries and wineries.


Art collectors in North America and Europe enjoy her paintings and sculptures in their homes.


Shipping of art work is available. Please ask for details.


Thank you for being interested in my art.

You are very welcome to visit me at my studio (by appointment): 253 Chapman Road, Osoyoos BC, V0H 1V6; phone: (250)535 - 1956